During the series we will be hosting guests from a wide range of sectors and backgrounds. This is where you can find their biographies and links to connect with them on social media.

Season 2

Lauren Thorpe - Episode 2.22

Lauren Thorpe

About Lauren

Lauren is the Director of Strategy at Ark, a network of 37 schools in England. Prior to joining Ark she had been a teacher of computer science, IT and business studies and was most recently the Principal of a secondary free school, and has tried out two other careers as well – in investment banking and in policy research in Westminster.

She has a computer science degree and a masters in ICT in education and has learned across her career so far that what she is really passionate about is solving problems.


The people, resources and other goodies mentioned in this episode were:

  • Dom Norrish

  • ARK

  • SIMS

  • Bromcom

  • Arbor

  • ScholarPack

  • Duolingo

  • Education Endowment Foundation

  • Frog

  • Moodle

  • Office 365

  • The Design Thinking Playbook

  • Scratch Jr

  • NCCE

  • Snipping Tool

  • James Glennie

  • Lauren’s LinkedIn Profile

  • JoyFM

  • Peter Crouch

  • Daren White

  • SJ White

  • Beer 52

  • St Mary’s Astley

Tom Sherrington - Episode 2.21

Tom Sherrington

About Tom

Tom Sherrington is an education consultant and author. He writes the popular blog and his books include The Learning Rainforest and best-seller Rosenshine’s Principles in Action. Most recently he co-authored Teaching WalkThrus with Oliver Caviglioli.

With 30 years' experience as a physics and maths teacher and school leader, including 11 years as a Headteacher, Tom is in demand from schools around the world to deliver CPD for teachers and leadership teams. He works with several schools and colleges providing consultancy support on curriculum and improving the quality of teaching. He is a regular keynote speaker and contributor to conferences and education festivals.


The people, resources and other goodies mentioned in this episode were:

  • Oliver Caviglioli

  • Google Classroom

  • Bromcom

  • RM

  • Kenny Rodgers


  • Tassomai

  • CenturyTech

  • Zoom

  • TikTok

  • Doug Lemov

  • Dylan Wiliam

  • Edmodo

  • KEGS (Chelmsford)

  • GarageBand

  • Fruitiloops

  • BETT

  • Moodle

  • Simon Sinek

  • The Rosenshine Principles

  • Wordpress

  • Google

  • Twitter

  • Dan Willingham

  • Emma Turner

  • Alan November

  • Vic Goddard

  • Phil Denton

Tristan Kirkpatrick - Episode 2.20

Tristan Kirkpatrick

About Tristan

Tristan is the Director of Computer Science for Outwood Grange Academies Trust. He is also the Senior EdTech Project Lead for the Trust and oversees the EdTech Demonstrator Programme and Outwood EdTech. Tristan has a degree in Audio Engineering, completing his PGCE in Computer Science.

Tristan was a Head of Computer Science prior to his current role.

More recently, Tristan gained ‘Certified Innovator’ status from Google, involving a project to transform learning for students’ and has continued to contribute to the professional teaching community with EdTech solutions. Tristan passionately believes that technology widens opportunities for students and can prepare them for their future.


The people, resources and other goodies mentioned in this episode were:

Gemma Gwilliam - Episode 2.19

About Gemma

Gemma Gwilliam is a teacher and leader with a wealth of experience ranging from Pre Nursery to Sixth Form, both in her home town of Portsmouth and at some of the best schools in Asia, which is where her love of technology grew. Whilst working at Regents International School Pattaya (part of the Nord Anglia Education group), she was so inspired by STEAM projects and their collaborations with MIT, that she went on to become an Apple Teacher and Microsoft Innovative Educator, before moving back to the UK and joining United Learning as Curriculum Leader at Beacon View Primary Academy.

In January 2021, Gemma joined the Ed Tech Team at United Learning as an Educational Technologist, supporting both Primary and Secondary schools within the trust as well as taking part in the DfE Demonstrator Schools Programme. She is passionate about sharing her experiences, whilst working with and supporting others to transform teaching and learning with the use of technology.


The people, resources and other goodies mentioned in this episode were:

And as promised in the episode you can find Gemma's team's YouTube channel here which includes helpful guides and recordings of webinars (such as her Rosenshine ones), and the United Learning EdTech Demonstrator website here which contains loads of useful resources. The resources that she shared with us are below, and have been converted to allow upload so if they look wrong it's probably our fault, not theirs!

Parent access to Class Notebook
FA1 Session 2
FA1 Session 1

Dr. Neelam Parmar - Episode 2.18

About Neelam

Dr. Neelam Parmar currently works as Director of Digital Learning and Education for AISL Harrow Schools in Asia. Previously, Neelam worked as Director of Digital Innovation at Ashford School and as Educational Technologist for The United Learning Group of schools.

Neelam is an award-winning professional, international researcher, author, thought leader and speaker for the use of educational technology, digital pedagogy and innovative curriculum within education. She is also the author of the ‘Digital Literacy in the Primary’ series and ‘Digital Parenting’ book, published and distributed globally.

As an advisor, in the UK and internationally, Neelam has engaged with the DfE EdTech Leadership Group, EdTech Impact workshops and the @womenEd_Tech movement. She has consulted for groups of schools, ministries of government and developed large scale blended, hybrid and remote learning education solutions.


The people, resources and other goodies mentioned in this episode were:

Phil Denton - Episode 2.17

About Phil

Phil is the author of The First 100 Days with Micky Mellon. He is also a headteacher who began a career in education by teaching history. Phil has spent the last three years meeting with Premier League managers, business leaders and education leaders to create a blueprint that offers the best chance of successful leadership, especially in those first 100 days!

Phil has worked across schools in the North of England and Saudi Arabia. In addition, he is an experienced sports coach. His interest in football has also led him to scout for a Scottish Premier League club, Hearts of Midlothian, in his spare time. Phil's professional interests include driving the aspirations of students. He has had several articles published in the SecEd magazine.


The people, resources and other goodies mentioned in this episode were:

Dom Norrish - Episode 2.16

About Dom

Dom is currently the Chief Operating Officer at United Learning, England's largest schools group. A career teacher, Dom started off teaching History before focusing increasingly on technology and its ability to accelerate or enhance the processes of teaching and learning.

A few years as a deputy head were followed by time spent consulting nationally on projects as part of the Building Schools for the Future programme. Dom's career provided the unusual mix of education, leadership, commercial and technical skills that suited him for the role of Group Director of Technology at United Learning in 2013, a post he held until he became COO in 2019.

He has written extensively on the intersection of learning and technology for the press, in the book ‘Educate 1-to-1’ and on his blog at His current interests include the potential for AI to impact on pupils' learning, on teacher workload and on our analyses of data about learning.


The people, resources and other goodies mentioned in this episode were:

Joe Dale - Episode 2.15

About Joe

Joe Dale is an independent languages consultant from the UK who works with a range of organisations such as Network for Languages, ALL, The British Council, the BBC, Skype, Microsoft and The Guardian. He was host of the TES MFL forum for six years, former SSAT Languages Lead Practitioner, a regular conference speaker and recognised expert on technology and language learning.

He has spoken at conferences and run training courses in Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East, the Far East and Australasia. He was a member of the Ministerial Steering Group on languages for the UK coalition government and advised on the Linguanet Worldwide project for The Language Company. He created ICT activities for the new Institut Français, ALL and Network for Languages Primary French Project Niveau Bleu, Blanc and Rouge courses and was short-listed for a NAACE Impact Award in 2013 too.

Joe supported the Erasmus Plus project Conflict to Cooperation with 5 European countries and is currently supporting the Erasmus Plus Project Learning to think and live outside the box. He also worked on the Supporting Schools Reform in Algeria project through the British Council 2019-2020. He was recently described in a Guardian article as an 'MFL guru' and 'the man behind the #mfltwitterati.'


The people, resources and other goodies mentioned in this episode were:

Seth Wilkins with Alec Grimsley - Episode 2.14

Seth Wilkins

About Seth

Passionate about the importance of helping people succeed, and deeply committed to the production of inspirational media, Seth is a qualified teacher of history and a published writer. Over a period of many years, he has participated in various creative arts and media-related projects and is currently researching a biography.

In addition to leading the implementation of Arbinger's work at Witton, Seth is the designated teacher for looked after and previously looked after children. Other whole school roles include leading on pupil-peer mentoring and supporting staff and pupil well-being.

Alec Grimsley

About Alec

Alec has devoted 17 years of his life to understanding human relationships and the art of having important conversations. 18 Chief Executives and their teams have trusted him with facilitating some of their most difficult conversations and over 6,000 leaders and managers have attended his workshops. Alec is an author and writes for the UK press. His book “Vital Conversations” reached number 1 in the leadership category of Amazon (UK). Alec’s career included 7 years as an account director selling large software implementations.


The people, resources and other goodies mentioned in this episode were:

Jamie Portman - Episode 2.13

Jamie Portman

About Jamie

Jamie Portman is the Principal of 2 schools in Doncaster called XP, and XP East. Jamie joined XP Trust when it opened XP East in 2017. Inspired by the work of High Tech High in California and Ron Berger, both schools do things differently from most others in the UK. Their curriculum is based on expeditionary learning - an approach that focuses on character growth as much as it does academic success, recently winning Edufuturist's Secondary School of the year.

Jamie has worked in schools for nearly 2 decades, leading on different aspects of Teaching and Learning and is a History Teacher by trade. His Twitter bio shows his interests as 'pedagogy, leadership, new tech in the classroom + redefining the purpose of education in schools.'


The people, resources and other goodies mentioned in this episode were:

  • Faustino

  • Julia Plays Groove

  • XP

  • High Tech High

  • Ron Berger

  • EduFuturists

  • Andy Sprakes

  • Gwyn Ap Harri

  • Michael Gove

  • EL Schools

  • Shakespeare

  • Keates

  • David Price OBE

  • How We XP

  • Anna Switz

  • Joe Smith

  • Damian Hughes

  • The High Performance Podcast

  • Steven Bartlett

  • Manchester United

  • Sir Alex Ferguson

  • Owen Hargreaves

  • Realsmart

  • Laura White

  • B&Q

  • Screwfix

José PIcardo - Episode 2.12

José Picardo

About José

Jose Picardo is Deputy Head at Embley School. His main interests are pedagogy, technology and how they combine to produce great teaching and learning. He is a regular and well-regarded speaker at conferences and INSET events.

Most notably, he has been a guest speaker at the HMC Annual Conference, The Sunday Times Festival of Education, ResearchED, BETT and the Education Show. In addition, he is the host of the Shooting Azimuths podcast, he is a regular contributor to TES and his work has also featured in the Guardian. He was the recipient of a Pearson teacher award in 2015 for the use of technology.

His book Using Technology in the Classroom has recently been published by Bloomsbury. He is also co-author of a book titled Educate 1-to-1: The secret to successful planning, implementing and sustaining change through mobile learning in schools.


The people, resources and other goodies mentioned in this episode were:

  • Brewdog

  • Seven Brothers

  • Embley School

  • Dominic Norrish

  • Matthew J Kohler

  • Punya Mishra

  • The High Performance Podcast

  • Eddie Jones

  • Simon Sinek


  • Paddy McGrath

  • Al Kingsley

Paddy McGrath - Episode 2.11

Paddy McGrath

About Paddy

Paddy is the resident Education Technology Strategist at Texthelp. A passionate educator, Paddy is an accomplished and engaging international speaker, blogger, panelist and contributor across a wide range of media. Whilst focusing on how technology can make a real and meaningful impact on teaching and learning for all, Paddy has a particular interest in inclusion and equity for all.

Paddy loves to get practical and support teachers and leaders with the knowledge and skills around technology tools that are effective and underpin learning.An Apple Education Mentor and Google Certified Educator, Patrick received the UK Digital Leader 100 award in 2016 and is an Honorary Fellow of the University of Ulster (School of Education) Find Paddy on twitter @TH_Patrickm or


The people, resources and other goodies mentioned in this episode were:

  • Brewdog

  • TextHelp

  • Read & Write

  • Equatio

  • Jamboard



  • Nearpod

  • Peardeck

  • White Rose Maths

  • Twinkl

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Google Meet

  • Dave Brailsford

  • Al Kingsley

  • Dualless

  • Kahoot

  • Quizizz

  • Gimkit

  • Blooket

  • Ruben Puentedura

  • WriQ

  • Edugeek

  • DFE England

  • One Note

  • Satya Nadella

  • Jamie Smith

  • Statistics 24

  • Mote

  • Jon Neale

  • Snap Camera

  • Tony Salter

  • Universal Design for Learning


  • Guinness

  • The West Wing (of course)

Andrew Walls - Episode 2.10

Andrew Walls

About Andrew

Andrew Walls has worked as Assistant Principal for MAT IT with the Sidney Stringer Multi-Academy Trust from September 2017. In this time he has overseen the centralisation of IT services including the creation of a central MAT firewall, internet connection, WAN and IT Strategy.

Before working for the Sidney Stringer Multi-Academy Trust Andrew was responsible for E-Learning at Dixons Allerton Academy. Andrew became a Google Certified Innovator in 2017, he has spoken at BETT, Google Summit Events and has supported a range of Trusts and schools with IT Projects via the Swan Alliance Teaching School.


The people, resources and other goodies mentioned in this episode were:

Adam Wright & Tim Buckle - Episode 2.09

Adam Wright

Tim Buckle

About Adam & Tim

Tim Buckle and Adam Wright are both mentors at Chimp Management, a psychological skills company started by Professor Steve Peters author of The Chimp Paradox.

Underpinning the work they do is enhancing people’s quality of life both personally and professionally by helping them to get the best out of themselves and the relationships they have with others.

They have experience of supporting educational organisations of all levels, Tim’s particular focus is working with Students and Staff and Adam’s is centred around staff and senior leaders.


The people, resources and other goodies mentioned in this episode were:

  • Professor Steve Peters

  • Rampton High Security Mental Hospital

  • University of Sheffield Medical School

  • Costa Coffee

  • Sir Bradley Wiggins

  • Starbucks

  • Chimp Management

  • The Troop

Laura White - Episode 2.08

Laura White

About Laura

Laura is a Digital Learning Specialist, focussed on staff development and improving student learning.

She is a Doctoral Researcher at IOE, UCL London, where she is researching Digital Learning, professional development and thinking skills.

She is interested in leveraging the power of technology for social change, through access to quality education for all. An experienced Middle Leader and Secondary school teacher Laura is currently leading on Google's Certified Coach Program for Canopy UK.

Laura has been a Coach on Google's Innovator Academy at both London19 & Denmark18 and is herself a Google Certified Innovator from the London17 cohort.


The people, resources and other goodies mentioned in this episode were:

Al Kingsley - Episode 2.07

Al Kingsley

About Al

Al started his career with Barclays Bank then Unilever, working within finance and management accounting before focusing on the early adoption of new IT technologies in the early '90s.

His passion is all things Education & Technology. He has 30 years under his belt working in the Education and Technology sector and it’s fair to say that he wears a number of hats in the industry.

He is the Chair of a number of Multi Academy Trusts, sits on the Regional Schools Commissioners Headteacher Board, is a Forbes Technology Council Member and is the proud Group MD of NetSupport which has 18 million users in 110 countries.

He sits on a Combined Authority Business Board, is a proactive Apprenticeship Ambassador, author, speaker and tries his best to be a positive EdTech champion. He is also the owner of three dogs that keep him smiling.

Olly Lewis - Episode 2.06

Olly Lewis

About Olly

Olly is an educator with over ten years qualified experience including various middle and senior leader roles responsible for pastoral, academic and professional development within schools. He currently leads on teaching and learning along with leading the science faculty, and leading on digital strategy across The British International School Abu Dhabi.

In 2020 he won a GESS Award for best use of digital learning in the classroom for school wide strategy and implementation of CENTURY, He also holds a Masters in Educational Leadership along with various other post nominals such as QTS, PGCE, BSc, FCCT, #MIEExpert, #GoogleCE and #AppleTeacher. He’s also the co-founder and co-host of #LearnLiveUAE, along with previous guest Mark Anderson, a weekly show dedicated to sharing best practices in education.

He’s passionate about student outcomes, pedagogy, technology, teaching, learning and teacher professional development. He engages in his own professional development outside of school too and through his networking and sharing has run workshops in schools and conferences across the UK and UAE.

SJ White - Episode 2.05

About SJ

SJ is a GCSE maths teacher with experience in schools, alternative provision, vocational FE and adult education FE.

She is passionate about the power of maths changing life paths for learners and is interested in making maths accessible for all.

SJ is a Google Certified Trainer and recently graduated from the #VIA20 Google Innovator cohort. She is currently supporting FE staff embed technology in lessons @iLearnLCC, part of Leeds City College. You can follow her on Twitter @DriveDigiLeeds and @WhatTheTrigMath


The people, resources and other goodies mentioned in this episode were:

damian hughes - Episode 2.04

About Damian

Professor Damian Hughes is an international speaker and bestselling author who combines his practical and academic background within sport, organisational development and change psychology, to help organisations and teams to create a high performing culture.

He is the author of eight best-selling business books, including Liquid Thinking, Liquid Leadership, How to Change Absolutely Anything, How to Think Like Sir Alex Ferguson, The Five STEPS to a Winning Mindset and The Barcelona Way: Unlocking the DNA of a Winning Culture. These have been translated into ten languages. He has also been nominated for the 2007 William

Hill Sports book of the year award for Peerless, his biography of boxing great Sugar Ray Robinson.


The people, resources and other goodies mentioned in this episode were:

CAT LAMIN - Episode 2.03

About Cat

Until 2014, Cat’s entire goal in life was to become a successful primary school teacher, but since September 2016, she left the classroom to become an independent consultant sharing her knowledge and understanding of computer science with other teachers.

Her passion is to share her knowledge and enjoyment of computing science, coding and all things Raspberry Pi & micro:bit. More recently, she’s been working on projects around mental health, sharing her own experiences with depression and exploring how mental health can affect the teaching world – you can find out more by heading to

She has worked independently for organisations in Canada, Brazil, Argentina and the US; is a Google Certified Trainer & Innovator, Raspberry Pi Certified Educator, CAS Master Teacher and was made an Apple Distinguished Educator in 2015.

Cat was also instrumental in setting up and leading the Global GEG virtual staffroom which provided a safe and humorous space for educators to seek help, let off steam or just meet with like minded individuals.


The people, resources and other goodies mentioned in this episode were:

Mark anderson - Episode 2.02

About Mark

Mark taught ICT and Computing for more than twenty years at schools in the UK with a wide variety of roles ranging from teacher, local authority lead teacher, head of department, governor to SLT. He is also an award-winning blogger, best-selling author and now runs his own consultancy and training business, ICT Evangelist. His business sees him working alongside teachers, schools, colleges, universities and leadership exploring effective use of technology, deployment and digital strategy alongside working with educational technology companies around the world.

Alongside this, Mark also co-founded the global edtech site for educators around the world sharing about edtech. He also co-hosts two weekly shows on YouTube focusing on education, #LearnLiveUAE and #UKEduStories, has advised the DfE and steered many important UK and global initiatives around sharing of best practice with technology in education.

Noted for his practical and evidence-informed approaches that support teaching, learning and leadership. Mark tweets @ICTEvangelist and his website can be found at


The people, resources and other goodies mentioned in this episode were (brace yourselves, he loves a good shout out does Mark):

Jake Miller - Episode 2.01

About Jake

Jake Miller is an edtech and learning enthusiast who hosts the Educational Duct Tape podcast and shares #EduGIFs at @JakeMillerTech and on He works as a science teacher for the Orange City School District in Ohio and previously spent 5 years as a technology integration specialist and an additional 12 years in the classroom teaching math, science & STEM at various grade levels. Jake’s favourite job, however, is his full-time position as a husband and father.


The people, resources and other goodies mentioned in this episode were:

Season 1

Miles Berry - Episode Nine

Miles Berry

Miles is principal lecturer in computing education at the University of Roehampton. He teaches on the secondary initial teacher training & PGCE courses and on the university's digital media degree. Before joining Roehampton, he was a primary ICT coordinator, deputy head and head teacher, alongside running the network in a couple of the schools he worked in.

He's long been an advocate for open source software and approaches, and was a pivotal figure in the move from ICT to computing, as part of the team that drafted England's computing curriculum, as the author of Switched On Computing and QuickStart Computing and through involvement in CAS, the CSTA, the BCS and the new National Centre for Computing Education.

Back in the days when we were allowed to leave the country, he used to be in demand internationally for keynotes, workshops and consultancy, but more recently his time has largely been spent running, baking and teaching his nine year old daughter. You can interact with Miles on Twitter by searching for @mberry

Zaitoon Bukhari - Episode EIGHT

Zaitoon Bukhari

Zaitoon specialised in human biology at University of Huddersfield and completed her teacher training at Bradford College. Two years into her teaching career she re-specialised at the University of Cumbria in physics - and has taught physics ever since.

In her time at Witton Park Academy she has been second in science, pupil premium coordinator and her current role of whole school EdTech teaching and learning lead. Last year she was successful in becoming an SLE in Integrating Technology as well being a Google Certified Educator, Trainer and Innovator.

She has helped to gain Google Reference School status for Witton Park and played a big part in it’s recognition as one of the 50 schools within the EdTech 50 award. Follow her on Twitter at @zbukhari197

Dan Manley - Episode EIGHT

Dan Manley

When Dan was younger he wanted to be either a musician or an electrician. Somewhere along the way he got lost and became an IT Technician.

He started his career 7 years ago in industry, and has gone through many different roles and sectors of the IT industry from hospitality to hosted cloud solutions. All this before finding his way into his first position in education at Witton Park Academy. He is the IDS & Google Lead, and a Google Certified Trainer.

He created the Inclusive Digital Services team to foster closer working ties between technical & teaching staff , and break down the barriers between IT and the rest of the school. You can find him on Twitter at @edutechr_

Mariana Martins - Episode Seven

Mariana Martins

Mariana is a librarian in South London, who used to be an English teacher and deputy head in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. She has the trademark posture of a professional who is always in search of new knowledge. In fact, Mariana cannot control her passion for learning - especially if there is technology involved!

A successful language and literature Google Certified Educator with 20 years of experience, she is also a Microsoft for Education Skype Guest Speaker. Mariana has offered different academic scenarios high-quality teaching materials development services.

She is also an Arts enthusiast, having organised groups of patchwork artists, worked in the theatre as backstage staff and fostered relationships between public libraries and schools in the UK and abroad.

Jamie Smith - Episode SIX

Jamie Smith

Jamie is the co-owner and Executive Chairman of C-Learning and the co-founder and co-owner of Statistics24.

His TEDx talk called 'Education in the Digital Age' is available on Youtube, and is well worth a watch. He is a commercial Udemy instructor, published author in the field of wealth creation and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts among wider things.

He was the Chair of the Board of an outstanding school and has set up a new MAT. He describes himself as an innovative leader helping people to be more impactful with technology that's simple to use, trusted, and makes life better.

He is passionate about education, digital, people, new thinking, disruptive technology and innovation and is on a technology enabled but people driven mission to empower organisations to achieve more. His book, Making Money from Stocks and Shares, is available on Amazon here and you can follow him on Twitter via @CloudBusiness9

EMMA PASS - Episode Five

Emma Pass

Emma is a Google Certified Trainer & Innovator, and all-things-EdTech enthusiast! She currently teaches 7th & 8th grade language arts at a hybrid school in Fort Collins Colorado, where students spend half the week on campus, learning face-to-face, and half the time at home, learning online. She has lived and taught in Colorado, Las Vegas, and London, UK. Emma Tweets as @emmabpass


David Price OBE

David Price, OBE, is an author, speaker and trainer. He writes, talks, trains and advises around the world, on some of the biggest challenges facing business, education and society.

He has taught for 30 years across community, adult, and school sectors, and has held senior leadership positions in further and tertiary colleges.

His first book, 'OPEN: How We'll Work, Live and Learn In The Future' has been an Amazon best-seller since its publication, The follow-up ‘Learning To Be Open’ will be published in 2019. In 2017, he edited 'Education Forward’, a collection of essays arguing for a future-focused education system. His new book, “We’ll Figure It Out: Mass Ingenuity & The Power Of Us” will be published in Autumn 2020.

Clients for his training work include government departments in Singapore, New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland, many universities and thousands of schools in the USA, UK, Europe, Asia and Australia and New Zealand.

He is an advisor to the Canadian Educators Association, the Mastery Transcript Consortium, based in the US, and to Vega Schools, in India. In 2009 he was awarded the O.B.E. for services to education by Her Majesty the Queen.

You can follow David on Twitter @DavidPriceOBE

Scott Hayden - Episode Three

Scott Hayden

Scott is a Lecturer/ Teacher Trainer/ Speaker/ EdTech Consultant/ Social Media specialist/ Founder and Manager of a team that supports and trains both staff and students in using digital, creative, innovative approaches for Teaching, Learning and Assessment.

His work has an emphasis on collaboration, creativity, communication, empathy, industry relevance, and providing bespoke, personalised, and differentiated 1-1, Team, and Inset Day training while he continues to teach two days a week.

In 2014 he was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award for innovative use of Social Media and application of Educational Technology after receiving praise and recognition for work developing new approaches to teaching and learning in the online community.

His techniques and style of teaching and assessing have been cited by Edexcel, Ofsted, The Times, and Jisc as ‘Outstanding’ practice of innovative engaging pedagogy.

He was shortlisted for the TES FE Awards for ‘Teacher of the Year 2015’ and has since created a team that won the ‘Outstanding use of Technology for improving Teaching, Learning and Assessment’ award in 2018 while also being named in the EdTech50.

He is a National Advisor for The Education Foundation and EdTech UK contributing to Reports, Research, Webinars, and creating Documentaries around the UK about the best edtech practice in FE. Scott has also assisted in creating online learning courses on Digital Teaching for the Education and Training Foundation, written for the TES, been featured in Future Learn courses on Digital Learning, presented at The Telegraph Education Festival, AoC, Jisc, mSchools, and AOSEC events about his practice, and works as a Consultant for Senior Management Teams and fellow Educators as a Google Certified Trainer and Innovator.

In addition to his role as an Educator he also produces and directs music videos for independent artists and takes students on set to help them gain work experience. Scott tweets as @ScottdHayden

Georgina Dean - Episode Two

Photo of Ben Whitaker

Georgina Dean

Georgina is a passionate EdTech Leader who has experienced school life in the UK, Canada, Egypt, Mexico, and Jordan. She moved to Cairo, Egypt 13yrs ago to help change the world of education for the better, and this is what she’s been doing for over a decade now. Georgina is currently working for a non-profit K-12 International School in the capital of Jordan, where she supports education stakeholders with their learning technology integration. She believes that it's an exciting time to be an education leader in the Middle East, and now globally, and is really grateful to be part of that growth. Georgina is recognised as a Google for Education Certified Trainer; Google for Education Group Leader (GEG Amman); Adobe Education Trainer, Leader, and Campus Leader; Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator & Apple Teacher She is currently working as an Education Technology Consultant in Amman, Jordan and tweets as @TechyLeaderEDU.

Ben Whitaker - Episode One

Photo of Ben Whitaker

Ben Whitaker

Ben is a certified Google Trainer, Google Innovator and former Assistant Principal, who has led training around the UK and beyond. He is a passionate speaker who engages and inspires all those he works with. He has a background in leading sixth form, senior leadership and school governance. Ben's teaching speciality is 11-18 Religious Education and Philosophy and he still examines for a number of boards to keep his hand in. Ben is currently Curriculum Manager and Digital Technology Lead at Burnley College in Lancashire, where he is based, having left his role as Chief Education Officer for Project Digital in June 2019. Ben has written articles on lots of topics, featuring in the ISC Digital magazine and speaking on various BETT stands over the years. Alongside this full-time role in the FE sector, Ben is a Director of Edufuturists, which he describes as a movement of educators, leaders and change agents who are committed to studying the trends of education and preparing students for a future yet to be discovered. The Edufuturists Podcast now has over 100 episodes and can be found at where you can also find information about their annual Summit and Awards. Ben tweets as @itsbenwhitaker.