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Episode 5.05 - JOse Florido - How do you like UX in the morning?

Hall of Fame: Generative AI in Education

Cupboard of Shame: Distracting Technology

Jose Florido from Freepik joins us to discuss his career in UX design and the importance of parental involvement in children’s education. He shares the benefit of his experience working for Facebook, Google & Spotify and tells us about his work creating beautiful presentations for educators using Slidesgo.

Episode 5.04 - William Lau - Nobody wants to be a robo-teacher

Hall of Fame: The CAS Conference

Cupboard of Shame: Micromanagement

William Lau, Assistant Head and Learning Tech Lead at Great Ormond Street Hospital talks about the similarities and differences between mainstream and hospital education, he also extols the virtues of giving admin rights to all staff!

Find William's resources at https://computercombatcards.com/

Episode 5.03 - Robert Elworthy - Calmness is Nice

Hall of Fame: Robert Elworthy

Cupboard of Shame: Robert Elworthy

Robert Elworthy, Senior Solutions Engineer at Malwarebytes shares his experience working as a teacher and IT Director as well as for one of the biggest cyber security companies on the planet. The episode is notable for Dave & Andy being nice to each other as well as Robert placing himself in both the Hall of Fame and the Cupboard of Shame.

Episode 5.02 - Gemma Drinkall - "No" is a safe word

Hall of Fame: You are a Badass Everyday by Jen Sincero

Cupboard of Shame: Teaching as a vocation

Gemma Drinkall, creator of Teachers With Boundaries and HeadSphere joins us to discuss the dangers of being a "yes" person, how being a teacher can become all-encompassing, and how doing your best doesn't have to mean doing it all.

Episode 5.01 - Laura McInerney - The one with the split trousers

Hall of Fame: The Battle of Education Secretaries card game

Cupboard of Shame: Miss McInerney's Book of Consequences

The wonderful Laura McInerney, founder of Teacher Tapp joins us to explain how research helps to develop policy, perceptions and products. We discuss the development of the app over time and Andy realises that he is getting old.