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Episode 4.04 - Phil Bagge - PRIMM and Proper

Hall of Fame: The PRIMM model

Cupboard of Shame: School Leaders who don't attend INSET sessions

Phil Bagge, Computing Inspector / Advisor stars in the latest episode of LearningDust. He talks with Dave and Andy about how PRIMM works really well in KS2/3 in different programming languages whilst completely forgetting to promote Phil's new set of KS2 curricula books, details of which can be found at https://code-it.co.uk/ 

Episode 4.03 - James Griffiths - Paying Somali Pirates with iPads

James Griffiths, ex-military and GCHQ IT and  information security expert joins us to discuss what schools can do to keep their systems, staff and data safe. We also ask James what teachers need to be aware of to support themselves and their students and what to do if your school is hacked. 

Hall of Fame: Sir Richard Branson

Cupboard of Shame: Lying Politicians

Episode 4.02 - Dan Fitzpatrick- Talkin' Bout A.I. Revolution

Hall of Fame: Generative AI (or Chromebooks)

Cupboard of Shame: Educational Separatists (or iPads)

We are delighted to be joined by Dan Fitzpatrick, educator, Edufuturist, expert in the use of AI in education, and soon to be best selling author. Dan tells us about the power of ChatGPT and other generative AI technologies and their potential to give us back the most precious resource - time.

Episode 4.01 - DavE & Andy- Back once again like a radical pasty

Hall of Fame: The podcast effect

After a not so brief hiatus, LearningDust is back for season four. Join Dave and Andy to hear about what has been going on at LD Towers, and to learn more about what you can expect for the new season.