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Episode 3.02 - Adam Robbins - You've only got so much RAM

Hall of Fame: The visualiser

Cupboard of Shame: The false promises of IT consultants

Managing editor of CogSciSci and author of Middle Leadership Mastery, Adam Robbins joins us to talk about how we can use cognitive science to empathise with our colleagues, the curse of knowledge, and much more that your brain probably doesn't have room for after reading this far!

Episode 3.01 - James Garnett - Talk to the Duck

Hall of Fame: Professor Sonia Livingstone

Cupboard of Shame: Erm... the Cupboard of Shame!

LearningDust is back for season three and for our first episode we are joined by James Garnett of United Learning. James talks about the importance of strategic thinking, how to translate between network managers and senior leaders and much more.